Monday, May 4, 2015

ACE #375: Jesus, First

Recently, I heard a song that has undoubtedly motivated me. It's a song by gospel recording artist Kurt Carr and the Kurt Carr Singers. The song title is "We've Gotta Put Jesus Back". It's a simple song, but a strong reminder of my purpose. 

You see, I was created to worship Him. In worshipping Him, He must be first in everything. I have to seek Him first and His righteousness. He should be in and before everything I do. He was before. So what happened? I have allowed the busyness of life, the thirst for success and the pursuit of validation to move Jesus, my Savior, to secondary or an after thought. That's dangerous. 

But, when I put Jesus back where He belongs, first, all of these other things will fall into place; if it is in line with His will for our lives.

The reality of it this is that Jesus has been removed from our lives because we have allowed it. Jesus is not where He should be in our lives, first. 

Let's put Jesus back in His rightful place!

From Wawasee Community Bible Church

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