Monday, December 27, 2021

ACE #457: 2021 YEAR IN REVIEW: Be All the Things

Looking back...the honesty of it all...2019 was one of the worst years of my life, especially with the loss of my father. As 2020 approached, I had no expectation of anything special, but to recover from the previous year. Yet, 2020 proved to be the strangest, most creative, year of my life. 
In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the quietness and seclusion opened up my mind to simply THINK freely. Then 2021 became the whirlwind I never saw be all the things. I cannot adequately detail it all, but only give a year in review.
As a self-publishing educator and servicer, I've assisted three clients in publishing their work and completed a three-part workshop series on self-publishing. Why? Because it was a request and a need in the market that I actually had time to fulfill...finally.
As an editor (and an academic writer in a previous season), I've assisted with five dissertations and proposals. Kudos to my clients for the recommendations and referrals. I even had to refer out and get an intern because my plate was full.
As a business writer/instructor (also in a previous season), I've lost count of how many resumes, vitaes, and cover letters I've done this year for clients.
As an educator, I've presented or moderated three workshops/panels and co-hosted a radio segment about college and career readiness.
As a businesswoman, I became the administrator of a non-profit serving readers, writers, and publishers and secured two grants for the organization. I was also a guest on Live Your Best Life podcast, Streamin' with a Purpose podcast out of the DMV, and featured in The Lextropolis Magazine twice. I was also able to represent the organization as a woman "Changing the Game" in our community.
As a writer, I've had two author interviews published in online magazines and written two feature articles published in EnVision Magazine with a third coming out in January. My essay, "Healed" was featured in the She Selfish, LLC blog.
As a journalist, I've co-produced and co-hosted a podcast, with a beloved friend, interviewing some of the best local talent/advocates in our community. Shoutout to my husband, Robert, for being the best creative media production expert in all of Kentucky. He has supported all of these projects behind the scenes.
As a minister and a co-laborer in the ministry with my husband, we created and launched a radio program/podcast on EnVision Radio that's heard in 20 countries and completed the fifth year of our teaching ministry. And I preached virtually for the April Wilberforce University Chapel service. No, I definitely did not see that coming.
And, on Dec. 1, I began a new part of my journey as an educator.
A few of these opportunities came from people who I've worked with in past career assignments. And I did something I rarely do - served as my own publicist and was a guest on my own podcast thanks to my awesome co-host. Shout out to Youlonda C. Mason. 
Even given all of this, as a wife, a mother, and a daughter I pray I've done due diligence. I serve at home first.
And #TeamLewis has been able to sow into other people and other ministries.
None of this is about bragging because I have always been comfortable working quietly in the shadows. But rocks will not cry out for me. I AM GRATEFUL!
Anything I've lost in the fire, God has restored, replaced, and multiplied. Anything I've asked or imagined, God has done MORE THAN that...and some things I can't tell.
When I think about the goodness of God and all He's done for me MY SOUL CRIES OUT "HALLELUJAH!" That's an understatement of God's faithfulness, kindness, and manifested promises in my life!

I exhort to you:
Be all the things God purposes you for and do all the things He tells you to do! Be excellent. Oh, and sow. It guarantees the harvest.

Now, what will 2022 hold? Only God knows...but #TeamLewis is ready. 
~ Charliese B. Lewis

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

ACE #456: The After Church Experience: The Next Level

Yes, we are back! 

Oddly, we didn't write one blog during 2020, also known as the year of the pandemic. The year gave us time to reflect, but  also time to be more creative and to assess what were our next steps in ministry and in the marketplace. 

And here it is...

We will launch The 'After Church' Experience Radio Show on Envision Radio on May 2, 2021. The first episode will air at 8:00 a.m. EST. Our show's themes will focus on many of the topics found in our blogs over the years. We want to stay true to our mission, which is applying biblical principles to our everyday lives beyond the four walls of the church building and outside of the regular worship times. 

We want to ensure that our busy lifestyles make room for God. We challenge ourselves and others to show we are unashamed, undeniable, and uncompromised in our love for Jesus Christ! "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" (John 13:35).

"It's what happens 'after church'!" We hope you will join us.

You can follow us on Facebook at The 'After Church' Experience or on Instagram @theafterchurchexperience. 

You can also Subscribe to "It's About Time: Conversations with Charliese and Youlonda" podcast on YouTube or follow on Facebook. Just click on the links.