Monday, July 28, 2014

ACE # 260: #23

When I was coming up and even still to this day, the number "23" meant Jordan. When we saw the number, it was usually associated with the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan; although, that is still debatable to me. Anyway, for years now, this number has been tagged to the Jordan brand of Nike. Who knows, it might not even be Nike anymore. Anytime we see the number 23, in the world today, it most likely is referring to Jordan. 

Well, church, my views of "23" changed when I got older and I accepted a man named Jesus. You see, when I was in those years, I had a desire to put on 23. The shoes, the sweat suits, the t-shirts and the socks all were something I wanted to put on to look good. But then, 23 came in a Psalm and I no longer wanted to just put 23 on; I had and still have a desire to live 23, Psalm 23. 

Why? He is my Shepard. I shall not want. My soul is restored daily. I do walk in dark valleys, but I can't fear evil. He does comfort me. I have enemies in my presence. My joy overflows with His anointing. Goodness and Mercy follow me everyday. I will be in Him and with Him forever. 

I look good in Jordan's 23, but I am covered in David's 23. 


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